Sunday, October 19, 2003

My take on the aftermath of the Lambeth meeting
The primates' statement was a joke - the English version of giving the erring liberals 'the frowning of their lives', as if that would do anything.

So I hope the American Episcopalians do go ahead and make Gene Robinson one of their bishops next month, because maybe then the lines will be clearly drawn and those Anglicans who are still Christians will formally break away, leaving a tiny and shrinking Anglo-American denomination with lots of endowment money and not very many people in church. Those who are still Christians can regroup, perhaps around the archbishop of Singapore or Lagos, making a denomination far bigger than what would be left of the original. The empire strikes back - an 'Anglican' communion minus England (’cos you know the C of E is still only one step behind America in approving a sodomite bishop).

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