Saturday, October 11, 2003

Saw the free-TV version of 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' for the second time last night - yes, scenesters, I was home - and again was underwhelmed. The whole thing seemed so fake, ’cos it was like the roles were reversed. The supposedly clueless guy obviously would have no problems socially, romantically, etc. - a training pro at a gym, he looked like he'd stepped off a paperback romance-novel cover. All his apartment needed was a little tidying up. As for the five style consultants, at least two of them look like 1) confused fashion mistakes my 20-years-younger, Asperger's-hobbled self would have made, which means 2) they look about 20 years out of date (wake me up before you go-go). (Probably some ironic retro thing — sorry, it just looks stupid.) Too bad there wasn't such a thing as 'Sharp Eye for the Asperger's Guy' back in the mulleted ’80s. The only one who looks remotely cool is the food expert, who with his specs looks like recent-vintage Elvis Costello.

Now I know there are stylish men of that persuasion not at all like these clowns. A good friend/mentor to (straight) me in the late ’80s had conservative style down - he was like a smarter version of Jack from ‘Will and Grace’ with Waylon Smithers and a little Michael J. Fox thrown in, plus he had the right kind of religion. The young-fogey™ thing. So even though I was slow on the uptake at the time, I am for ever grateful for his example.

The good side of this new 'metrosexual' fad - and there is a good side to it - is that it can be construed as hip status for 'gay' men in the traditional, not homosexualist, sense as Joe Sobran describes.

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