Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Three from this week’s The Onion
For Halloween: Eating generic candy corn will give you AIDS
by Patrick Carlin, CEO, Brach's Confections

Mommy’s wedding more fun than Daddy’s
Ties in with this entry on El Camino Real (the King's Highway), the blog of my good friend Jeff Culbreath. The ecclesiastic in me can't help noticing the mainline Protestant minister in the photo stage-smiling along with the whole charade.

Muscleman put in charge of world’s fifth largest economy
Funny, but seriously, from an American, libertarian POV his not being a politician is good. The idea was not to have career pols but rather gentlemen citizens who'd do their bit in office and return to private life, which is what he'll do.

Speaking of returning to private life, isn't it funny how it seems nobody is asking Bill Clinton's advice on world politics?

Dick Dale
He's shown up on the television recently in a car commercial. Turns out he's the guy who played 'Miserlou' (the theme of Pulp Fiction), the father of surf guitar (and of heavy metal!) and, amazingly, plays guitar left-handed by holding it upside down and playing it backwards - he taught himself to play 50 years ago by changing the chords in his head. Brilliant.

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