Saturday, October 11, 2003

What I’m watching
Scott Houston’s ‘Piano in a Flash’ workshop
When it comes to playing pop songs for fun or to show off, just to sound pretty or cool, it's simply a matter of learning to read a lead sheet, just playing chords with your left hand. Brilliant! I could do that. Makes me want to buy his lessons and a cheap toy Casio keyboard and have a go at it.

What Scott Houston is to pop piano playing, I'm finding G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy is to one's philosophy/worldview. Literally awesome, that little book. My regret is I haven't read it until now. He had modernity, PC and all that totally sussed - and he was writing in the 1920s! Makes me wonder, as somebody had the answers back then, how and why on earth so many people, particularly in the Catholic Church where Chesterton* settled in after writing this masterpiece, were so clueless and/or caved at the onslaught of the 1960s. I can't imagine anybody who'd read Chesterton acting like such ninnies.

Kind of puts things within Christendom into perspective, too. While what Fr Seraphim (Rose) had to say about these subjects - in endless magazine articles, condensed into a 1,000-page biography which I've read cover to cover - was also true and could be brilliant too, it wasn't unique. (Chesterton did it using 850 fewer pages. Save a tree, man.)

*An Anglican, he spoke at the first Anglo-Catholic Congress in 1920.

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