Monday, October 06, 2003

What a relief
They can take me off the suicide watch - Ben Affleck has announced he will marry Jennifer Lopez after all.

Oh, joy, f***ing unbounded.

They're among many celebrities whose influence on my life is, I'm happy to say, nonexistent. As is pretty much true of anybody on cable television as I haven't got it. I understand she claims to be a pop singer - I'll take her publicist's word for it. All I can say with any authority is, in passing, I don't find her particularly pretty.

Fun with spam
After literally weeks of exhortations to buy generic ***Viagraa*** (sic), something different:

Order Anti-depressants weight loss

Sounds like one dangerous drug cocktail. No, thanks.

You CAN Feel Better!! xobzpcve sgss...

Oh, I know. And I shall - once you stop sending me this crap.

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