Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Bush to sign partial-birth abortion ban
Even if it's for the wrong reasons - the Republicans cynically trying to play the Protestant religious right and the Catholic vote to get re-elected ('you prolifers have nowhere else to go') - of course this is a good thing. And I think since Mr Bush is after all a sincere evangelical Protestant (Methodist, actually), he may mean it and this time be right.

Reminds me - 'Law and Order: SVU' on American TV last night took a potshot at prolife but was relatively fair in the end. As a man I couldn't help noticing that the show's producers got very attractive (aquiline Northern European-looking) actresses to play characters arguing for the wrong side: 'Melrose Place''s Josie Bisset and the still-beautiful Mariette Hartley as her lawyer, though I found the latter appropriately shrewish parroting the secular world's child-killing propaganda. The side of the angels was represented by a rude lout husband who, natch, tried to rape Bisset, and, for fairness' sake I suppose, a good performance by Shirley Jones as a prolife lawyer who worked with a fictional Catholic group called Agnus Dei.

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