Friday, November 14, 2003

•ISTM if it hasn't got a graphic scene of copious vomiting, it isn't 'ER'. (How do they do that? Give the poor actor syrup of ipecac? Make him watch 'Saving Jessica Lynch' before filming the scene?)
•What's scary about Romano (the vicious bald one-armed guy) is that there are workplaces where people actually treat each other like that.
•I know the audience is being primed to like him, but Luka Kovac is cool.
•I wonder if the precocious, well-spoken little boy (also pretty cool) following him around the last couple of episodes has Asperger syndrome (perhaps a future story line) - his amazing knowledge of and curiosity about medical stuff seems to be his 'special interest'.
•Of course I love the Two Londoners (as I've named them) - Alex Kingston as the tough doctor and the other one, the ethnic Indian whose doctor character is rather sweet. Didn't realize till hearing her talk about it on a chat show that Ms Kingston was 'Moll Flanders', the show that proved you can get away with showing soft porn on free TV (and PBS at that) in the States if it's an historical costumer with English accents! (BTW, yes, Alex is a very lovely lady.)
•If last night's episode was Bob Newhart's retirement from TV, what a way to go.

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