Friday, November 07, 2003

Ethnic population trivia
From the 1990 US Census
According to this site, ethnic groups from the British Isles make up about 34% of Americans. Doesn't the 13% given for English seem too low? German-Americans, as I'd learnt earlier, are the largest non-British group and probably have been since colonial times. (In a fit of anti-British sentiment the new United States considered making German the official language!). Slavs make up about 6% of the total according to this list, though it hasn't got any percentages for people from ex-Yugoslavia. The No. 1 Slavic group, not surprisingly, is Polish, at just under 4 percent. (Dzien dobry, Chicago!) Though it's hard to believe if you've been to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn or to Northeast Philadelphia, Russians only made up 1.2% in 1990. I wonder if that number has shot up, as the USSR has collapsed since then and immigration has gone up. Not listed on this site: blacks, originally from various west African countries, are about 12% of Americans.

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