Wednesday, November 05, 2003

From blog correspondent John Boyden in Rome
TV news does story on ‘Da Vinci Code’
First read this story - about the secret society of descendants - about 20 years ago. About the only noteworthy item here is lovely reporter Elizabeth Vargas.

JB: More 'thought provoking' news articles, this time on the 'The Da Vinci Code'. The old saying that 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing' applies here. The article even admits that the book is "partly grounded on historical fact." Well, what's the rest of it based on? fiction? the author's imagination?

I see Richard McBrien is still kicking (and still not for our team) and is one of the 'theological experts' interviewed who, of course, supports the unfounded claims of the author. [End.]

Why, yes, it looks like Dick is a heretic.

Photo: the wonderful world of Haitian voodoo (voudou)
In a word, aaaaaaaagh! Awful.

JB: I imagine this woman is, or soon will be, regretting the inroads paganism has made into Catholic devotional practices. Maybe just saying a rosary would be a better way for her to assist the souls of the departed. Besides, I dont think what she's doing carries a 'toties quoties' indulgence. [End.]

Yes, but I think these syncretistic Caribbean and South American religions - voudou and santería - have been around for centuries: the continuation of African religions such as that of the Yoruba people plus perhaps many years of poor catechesis.

From EWTN: Government forces mother to teach ‘gay is good’

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