Tuesday, November 11, 2003

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
Soros’s deep pockets vs. Bush
Lee Penn: Hobson's choice, 2004: the neo-con crazies, with Bush et al. .... OR, the left-wing utopians, funded by Soros (who has supported the United Religions Initiative).

Just as, in the Catholic Church, we can choose between Opus Dei/Legionaries of Christ ... OR the Jesuits.

Earlier Hobson's choices were:
Pravda or Izvestia?
Hitler or Stalin?*
Hanging or shooting? [End.]

*A nonissue for Americans, as John Flynn, Charles Lindbergh and the rest of America First tried to tell them in the 1930s. 'Let the Nazis and the Soviets destroy each other - neither can invade America'.

More on Mr Bush’s family’s Nazi connection
Or where Dubya’s trust fund came from.

Lee Penn: The idea for the PATRIOT Act had to come from somewhere ...

...and this gives new meaning to the Skull and Bones club that the Bush men have been members of while at Yale.

Liturgical and theological madness
Or the worship of ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is. And no, the culprits aren’t Episcopalians!

Lee Penn: Some of you may have read the apocalyptic novel by Michael O'Brien, Eclipse of the Sun. On pp. 475-484 (hard cover edition), the novelist describes a blasphemous liturgy, held as "the opening for the Association of Pastoral Educators."

What the novelist imagined in 1998 is now real.

Money quotes, with Lee's commentary in [brackets]:

"Two narrators read meditations on the mysteries of water, air, fire, earth, flowers, the sun, the moon, the human body, family, friendship, second chances, forgiveness, willingness to love, peace, and liberty -- to which we responded (after each meditation) with a bongo-accompanied chant: "we WRAP ourselves in MYstery; enVUELta en miSTERio.""

[My comment: how cute. Did they also cast the circle in the liturgy?]

"Father Miller began with a story about a wild Protestant minister named Hezekiah who would lead the people to the river for baptisms. "Why was Hezekiah so filled with 'it'?" asked Miller. "He was inoculated with 'it.' 'It' left its mark on him. Some gifted people experience and feel 'it' more easily than others.""It" seemed to be Father's "fresh" and "re-vitalized" way of referring to God."

[My comment: Some radicals call their god "she." This priest calls his god "it." Maybe some inventive liturgist will come up with a new name for the thing or entity they are worshipping (which is not God), and use these two pronouns together in one word.]

"There is often a graceless acceptance of Christian doctrines, and a graceless battle against the structures of evil in our human personality.""

[So "If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me" (Mt. 16:24) is out of style, or graceless. Great work, Father.]

"Father concluded with some practical advice for our liturgies. "We should not," he said, "over-plan or over-choreograph our liturgies. We need to allow them a little wiggle room.""

[My comment: snakes do need wiggle room, and so do liturgies that celebrate the Snake of Wisdom.]

"Sister Mary Boys is also active in Call to Action (though this was not mentioned at the conference."

[My comment: Call to Action is a group of liberal RC dissenters that want to make the RCC over in the image of the Episcopal Church in the USA. (Me: yes, but without the wonderful conservative medieval and Victorian English trappings. Mainline Protestantism by and for non-Anglos.) Visit their web site at Call To Action USA and A Call for Reform to see for yourselves.]

Sister asked ""How could the Liturgy pull us out of our comfort zones?""

[My comment: Silly me. I thought that the purpose of the Liturgy was to give true worship to God, and to make His sacrifice present to us, and to feed us with his Precious Body and Blood,]

Sister offered a definition of fundamentalism: ""Religious fundamentalism," said Sister Boys, "has become a serious problem in our world, not only in the Christian world, but across all religious traditions, and even within our own Catholic Church." She defined "religious fundamentalism" as "a discernible pattern of religious militancy by which self-styled true-believers attempt to arrest the erosion of religious identity, fortify the borders of the religious community, and create viable alternatives to secular institutions and behaviors." Fundamentalism, according to Boys, goes far beyond anything about which we should be certain, though she was not at all certain about what we should be certain. "If you knew," she said, "why would you need faith? Certitude and faith do not belong on the same page."So, who are numbered among the "religious fundamentalists," according to Sister Boys? It wasn't entirely clear. Fundamentalism, she said, "also seems to assume that because revelation is fixed and utterly clear, the tradition must be handed on without change. Change is to pervert the tradition.""

[My comment: Sister, the Episcopal Church Welcomes You.]

All of this is at an official RC diocesan event, for the Diocese of Monterey in California.

The leaders of this event are clearly ready for the United Religions, and perhaps even for the Maitreya.

Lord, cleanse Thy Temple! [End.]

What I describe in the following link is Catholic: per the Vincentian canon (always, everywhere and by all), meaning 'universal' but that really means not physical size and spread but rather that its basic teachings, and the thinking behind its practices, are universally applicable and beneficial to all men. What the article describes is - got to scratch in those inverted commas - ‘Catholic’.

The moral of the story: for the good of your soul, stay the hell away from mainstream RC churches in the US.

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