Thursday, November 06, 2003

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal
Christian families in Iraq targeted
S al-B: More of the same: Muslim fundies are moving in, making conditions worse for the Christians who decide to stay put.

Some soldiers would rather desert than return to Iraq
A Vietnam War veteran opines, 'If everything else fails, people should desert, just as George W. Bush did during the Vietnam War.'

Pope meets Putin but does not get long-sought invitation to Russia

S al-B: This one's a heart-warmer.

Compliments of your friendly neighbourhood father-turned-adventurous-webslinger:

Spiderman ends ‘£5m’ crane protest

S al-B: Now there is an example of a real Pop--disrupting entire areas of London for his little daughter. Good show, sir! Seriously though, I can't approve of his causing chaos in that sort of manner, but I toast his strong dedication to a good cause.

Final link:

So pastoral care and Christian charity translate to confirming practising homosexuals in their sinful behaviour by way of a 'blessing'? Logical as ever.

Anglican bishops allowing clergy to defy ban on gay prayers

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