Friday, November 14, 2003

From and The Tablet
The state of religion in Britain
The Tablet is liberal but... stopped clock, you know. Bleak. A lot like I remember. Not that there still aren't a lot of fundamentally decent people around, but after all, Britain created the original version of TV's 'Coupling'.

Reminds me of the bit at the end of this article of the now-moribund Rockall Times.

Neither the 19th-century Evangelicals nor the Victorian-through-1930s Anglo-Catholics - opponents but both still Christian - managed to turn Britain around for Christ. Sad.

The Roman Catholics in Britain do not have any golden age to look back to

Hello? Uh.... the Middle Ages????

I understand the sense in which this is true. The continuity with the Middle Ages was broken - literally quite violently - the Anglicans claim all that heritage (reinforced by owning all the historic buildings and titles) and the RC Church in Britain is really a 19th-century immigrant Irish phenom (reinforced there by mucho traffic back and forth across the Irish Sea today)... a lot like in the States only more so ’cos Ireland's so close by.

A money quote:

“When people stop believing in God”, G.K. Chesterton said, “they start believing in anything.” [End.]

The new culture of “I’m a spiritual person, not a religious one”

Just like in the States. Being 'spiritual' means you can occasionally think happy thoughts but continue to try to do whatever you want.

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