Thursday, November 06, 2003

From David Virtue today
And what Dr. [Earle] Fox did not describe, and, because he was rudely
interrupted, couldn't, were the practices of fisting, golden showers,
and mud rolling, all of which necessarily entail contact with human
waste. You can get not only AIDS from this behavior, but about 40 other
STDs transmitted by sexual promiscuity, mostly from anal sex, one of
the most popular and appalling homosexual practices.

If he had gone that far [ECUSA Presiding Bishop Frank 'Skippy']
Griswold would probably have had a heart attack
and his miter toppled to the ice rink floor, because, as Fox's
description indicated, it makes no more sense to encourage your child
to explore homosexuality than to play in the toilet
, and for the same
reasons. The consequences for both are predictably disastrous.

The truth is no one wants to talk about behavior because it destroys
the romantic, " it's all about love" and "committed" notions,
perpetuated by pansexualist propagandists, and pounded into us, day in
and day out by television, the Internet, movies and more.

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