Thursday, November 13, 2003

From today
Muslims are good folks
Like Baptists only more so
by Charley Reese
Reminds me of two other things I've read, one of which said Islam's relatively simple theology (of God without the Trinity, for example) resembled the reductionistic systems of Protestantism, like its Calvinist (similar emphasis on 'surrender', I think), evangelical and fundamentalist versions. Also, read the article by William Dalrymple (in Adobe Acrobat) among the links here. Islam also has been described as a heretical offshoot of Christianity: the Mormonism of Eastern Christianity. Friend Brendan Ross has observed how adaptive and syncretistic it has been - the mosque architecturally is a copy of the Eastern Christian church minus the icons. (Doing prostrations on a rug might have been nicked from the Orthodox too.) It's a mix of three things: pagan Arab religion (whence came polygamy - Muhammad limited it to four wives, which only the super-rich do today), Judaism and Nestorianism (now known as the Assyrian Church or the Church of the East, the native Church of Iraq, and now widely considered orthodox, not really Nestorian), the last being the kind of Christians Muhammad came in contact with personally. Muhammad may have been illiterate but if he dictated the Koran and Muslim theology then like Joseph Smith of Mormonism he was a very smart man indeed.

Quotation from Mr Reese:

The oldest Christian communities in the world are in Muslim countries. Some of the oldest Jewish communities in the world are in Muslim countries. The deputy foreign minister of Iraq is a Christian. Saddam Hussein donated $1 million to help build a Christian church in the United States. There are Christians in practically all Muslim countries, and there have been for centuries. I've said all this before, but when lies blow strong, truth bears repeating.

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