Monday, November 24, 2003

From today
Don’t get upset over civil ‘gay marriage’
by Charley Reese
The American pols who brought you the immorality in Iraq are trying to tease the Protestant religious right into voting for them again.

There are several acts denoted as sins that are not illegal.

So it has been since the beginning of Christendom (which is why medieval society tolerated prostitution, for example) - true conservatives realize that righteousness can't be legislated.

Protestants in particular have a problem. It was the Protestants who said: "We don't need no Pope or priest to interpret the Bible. Everybody can read it and interpret it for themselves." Well, everybody includes homosexuals. Protestants have been arguing and even fighting over interpretations of the Scripture for centuries, but again, that is a private affair and no concern of the secular state.

Exactly. Jerry Falwell and the Metropolitan Community Church, to use two examples, only represent different points on the same slippery slope of heresy.

On Kublai Khan’s visit to London
As his grand vizier bows and scrapes
by Eric Margolis

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