Tuesday, November 04, 2003

From Rome correspondent John Boyden
US government advertising online for Selective Service board members
JB: Ummm... quietly getting the draft board warmed up?

Note that the government site's address is the mendacious 'defendamerica.mil', as if they agreed with me about the proper job of the military.

Antiwar activist charged with ‘misusing phone’ to protest to US
JB: Getting Orwellian, are we?

Anglican Communion divided over ‘gay’ bishop
From the BBC

The Independent on the protesters
Including Fr Earle Fox

Tough South Philadelphia RC schoolgirls pummel flasher in street
JB: The nooz an' awl. 'Yizzle hafta face dem scoo gars from Greddy 'n coort an' all. It deaunt look good fer yiz.'

Bones from unearthed Philadelphia cemetery end up in trash
JB: 'Dey barr hope dem beaunes ain't no rel'divz a dem garrs from Greddy.'

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