Sunday, November 23, 2003

Got to give credit where it’s due
A quondam online friend writing in the comments yesterday brought this article to my attention as it has a section on Vladimir Soloviev:

Feminism as antichurch
From the good folks of the Society of St Pius X. Excellent!

Sophianism seems to be another attempt to pass off decadent end-stage Western liberalism as Eastern Christian mysticism.

I can't help noticing that the venerable late Father Georges Florovsky, a Russian Orthodox priest in good standing (an archpriest, no less) who is disliked by the hateful fringe element among the Orthodox and their sectarian offshoots, is shown here to be entirely orthodox (Catholic) in his rejection of sophianism as a kind of Modernism.

He is mercilessly slagged posthumously by the online hate brigade (warning: language... the type I call 'Orthodicks' - and the phenom does seem to be largely a dysfunctional male one, probably lots of chaps angry that they can't get a date*) along with two other departed Russians, Frs John Meyendorff and Alexander Schmemann, the last of whom proved his orthodoxy by stating once re: the Anglicans' attempted ordination of women that it was 'the death of all dialogue'.

Here is an article by Fr Georges from 1933:

The limits of the Church? (Adobe Acrobat file)

A money quote:

Mark you, I do not presume to call false any Church which believes that Jesus is the Christ.

- Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow, 1831

(I think the fact that an Orthodox bishop is talking speaks for itself against any accusation of indifferentism.)

What giants among men! Personally, FWIW, my favourite form of Russian Orthodoxy would have the externals of the Church of Russia and of the Russian Church Abroad** (and a lot of their honest piety and shared stance against modernity) combined with the thinking of men like these - Catholic in spirit without the dilution and naffness too often seen among Byzantine Catholics, who too often (but not always!) come off as RC Novus Ordo liberals in ethnic fancy dress. (Fr Georges seems to use the C word similarly in his article too.) And one that would do far more for prolife, as indeed some brave souls in the Church of Russia are trying to do now in their country.

'Wisdom, be attentive': from my good friend and blog-comments contributor Keble (a solid Christian of the classical Anglican persuasion - a Central Churchman with whom I've fought about the Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament):

Nobody outside Christianity is fooled by excessive differentiation, so too much emphasis on differentiation comes across as hubris (which it rather often is). And "all those heretics aren't really Christians" rhetoric labels the speaker as a separatist crank, because people can see that this isn't true in the larger taxonomy of things.

Likewise, I think there is everything to be gained by admitting that the divisions are there, but that they occur within a larger and more fundamental similarity.

A lady minister in the Church of England has spoken out on the right side of a prolife issue:

Archbishop of Canterbury gives his ‘full backing’ to prolife campaigner

Why the Revd Joanna Jepson is taking the police to the High Court
This non-priest deserves a tip of the biretta.

*Spouting theological jargon they probably don't understand and more interested in stupid church politics than God, love or spirituality.

**AFAIK, official reunion talks between the two in Russia, which ended yesterday, were most promising.

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