Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Yesterday I posted a link to one story, 'Hold onto your humanity', that brought tears to my eyes and that I recommended with all my heart.

Friends, this is one of the areas where apostolic, Catholic Christianity comes into action on earth - where the rubber meets the road.

I see that:

•No-one, no, not one, has written any comments on it.
•The most active comments thread over the past few days has been about stupid ecclesiastical politics: jurisdictional fighting being waged by a small group of former Eastern Orthodox and their hangers-on. I got sucked into this argument myself.

Nothing I could write, however scathing, could indict 'religious' people of a certain bent more than the unintentional message of this.

My dear people, if that is what religion is about, then no wonder most of my generation are thoroughly secular.

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