Saturday, December 20, 2003

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal
Shooting Samarra’s schoolboys in the back
S al-B: More destruction of lives and property offered up on the altar of democratic revolution, or 'democracy by force', a concept that reveals very little of the Founders' preferred form of government or of their modus operandi, which nowadays seem to be confused with those of the former Soviet Union.

Bremer escapes assassination attempt
S al-B: It had to happen at some point. Afghanistan gave ample warning with its share of attempted political assassinations. Bremer must realise that a cushy government job is not worth this threat to life and limb--unless he failed to comprehend that many Iraqis wish him injury to the point where his security entourage finds it necessary to function as something other than mere decoration.

The lovely Sabine Barnhart's reminiscences of Catholic Germany are now archived at
S al-B: Frau Barnhart details the agricultural cycle of labour in her village, and the blessing of bread. I can identify with what she writes; my great-grandmother used to work in the fields as did the men. It was not an easy life, and the habit was to pick up a fallen bread crumb and kiss it, in acknowlegement of its inestimable worth as food. Back then, people had quite the good sense for the blessings with which God provided them.

It's a delight to see that Mrs Barnhart finally has an archive.

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