Friday, December 05, 2003

From The Church of England Newspaper (and not confirmed on Forward in Faith’s site)
FiF in talks with RCs
Historically and dogmatically on paper this makes sense, but...

...when Good Shepherd, Rosemont had a communitywide church service to support Fr Moyer the night before Charles Bennison tried to depose him, no RCs came. No, not one.

(Message to Anglo-Catholics: you are an embarrassment to them, ’cos you’re Catholic and won't settle for being 'Catholic'. They don't want you. The Anglican Use, like the 'insult Mass', is condescension, nothing more.)

Fr M knows what's what, and whichever way he goes, his congregation are in good hands.

I think the bit about retaining 'Anglican doctrine' was a mistake on the part of The C of E Newspaper. Many people in FiF don't believe in a peculiar religion called 'Anglicanism', but simply the Church Catholic wherever they happen to live. The writer probably meant matters of discipline like ordaining married men or even having married bishops. Not doctrine!

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