Thursday, December 18, 2003

From three days ago
Government: an atavism
by Paul Hein
'The state is today’s church; the president is the American pope, or bishop, or head rabbi. As it becomes increasingly obvious that our political leaders have not only feet, but brains and souls of clay, there is growing dissatisfaction with their leadership. Some acknowledge that by proclaiming their own sovereignty – except that they can be quasi-sovereigns only over themselves – an unimpressive realm! To whom can we turn? To turn to the state is to leap from the frying pan into the fire. True freedom is subjection to Him whose burden is easy!'

The Ten Commandments of Lucifer
by Bob Wallace
'The Second Commandment is usually mistranslated as "You will not take the name of God in vain." It has nothing to do with cursing. The correct translation is, "You will not use God's name for vain causes." Because if you do, the bit about the "inequity of the fathers" and the "children to the third and fourth generation" goes into effect.

The vainest of causes, again in the 20th century, has been – again – the belief in the State. Believe in the State, believe that God supports it – whether you call it "God and Country" or "Gott mit uns" or "Holy Mother Russia" or whatever other delusion you can come up with – and you'll end up murdered every time. Think Stalingrad, in which "Gott mit uns" went up against "Holy Mother Russia" and more people were killed than in all of America's wars combined.'

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