Monday, December 29, 2003

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A Bushian Christmas Carol

Soviet boy hero a fake
That's right, comrades - the story of little Pauly Frost (Павлик Морозов), the Commies' version of SS. Dominic Savio and Maria Goretti, a sanctified snitch who was the role model for generations of Young Pioneers, was mostly made up!

Anna Pastukhova, who works with the Russian human rights group Memorial in the regional capital, Yekaterinburg, said: "Pavlik is one of the cornerstones of the entire Soviet foundation. If Pavlik was faked it means the whole myth of the Soviet Union was faked."

Well, duh. I have a lovely Russian friend who still largely identifies with the old Soviet Union and even she admits that! Give the Russians some credit - she says that back then just about everybody there knew the USSR was bogus and exactly how they were unfree, and tried to find creative ways to work round that to be free de facto if not de jure. Unlike the States today, where people are told incessantly how free they are and they believe it, while of course they're really not.

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