Wednesday, December 10, 2003

From The Onion
The least essential music CDs that are American reality-TV/game-show cash-ins
Noise pollution

On the ending of ‘Average Joe’, FWIW
I didn’t watch it but can infer that...

American viewers weren't sufficiently amused (as measured by ratings) by making fun of average-looking chaps nor titillated by making fun of a moderately attractive woman by having her essentially (though not graphically on camera) gang-banged by aforementioned chaps.

So some magazine-cover types were flown in halfway through the series to take their turn at it.

And the strumpet chose a pretty boy over the nice man who happened to be a millionaire.

Don't get me wrong - of course looks are a factor - but that doesn't sound like a healthy woman's choice. (See link 'Sex and the modern woman', 9th December). Let's see - a relatively good-hearted (simply being on the programme lowers this to 'relatively'), only OK-looking man with the means to 1) care of her so she never has to work again if she doesn't want to, and 2) guarantee security for any future children (healthy women want peace and stability for their babies). Sounds like 'a good catch'.

Then again, isn't a woman who'd participate in her own degradation and that of 'average' men by being gang-banged on national TV by definition not healthy?

Prediction: the 'relationship' (in modern secularspeak, that means 'we're having it off') won't last.

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