Monday, December 01, 2003

Satire found linked at The Onion Dome
The Most Holy Church of Rockall
Or the only extremist schismatic group (genus: vagante) pseudo-Orthodox Internet wackos in the States haven't claimed to join yet.

It's understandable and sometimes necessary for the Catholic-minded - as the Society of St Pius X and the Continuing Anglicans can tell you - to 'circle the wagons' to protect oneself against widespread error and evil regarding important things. All heresy and dissent boil down to three things - who Jesus is, the Eucharist and sex (that last one hits modern man where he lives - dodging reality about sex is a big non serviam*) - and ultimately to one, how God and matter interact. And up to a point we all are 'walled off' by choice and by spiritual forces from what passes as 'normal', mainstream society in Europe and the US - in the world, critically and selectively taking some things on board (we are not Amish**) but not others, but not of it. But that's quite another matter from being schismatic in one's beliefs as if that were an objective good! The nutters make that mistake and take that 'circling the wagons' impulse to the nth degree, splitting off at the drop of a skufia - here they are satirized wonderfully.

Love the choice of place - reminds me of the still sleeping Rockall Times.

Don't miss its links!

*Medieval man thought greed was a worse sin than lust (the healthy sex drive knocked off course) because he realized money can buy sex!

**To be fair, the Amish do change - they do the same thing I describe. If they decide a new thing doesn't threaten the religious community, they allow it. It only seems to outsiders like they're pretending it's the early 1800s.

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