Sunday, December 28, 2003

St Thomas à Becket
Sing we how, for naught esteeming
Tyrant's rage, a Prelate dies -
How the murderer's weapon gleaming,
Altar's sanctity defies;
How the martyr's life-blood streaming
Mingled with the sacrifice.

Which reminds me - A conservative blog for peace’s Man of the Year for 2003 is Bishop John-Michael (pictured above) of the Romanian Catholic Church's Diocese of Canton, Ohio, for 'speaking truth to power' to the tyrants behind the war in Iraq, a voice of sanity and of Catholic orthodoxy, in the tradition of St Thomas; St Philip; the metropolitan of Moscow murdered for standing up to Ivan the Terrible; Trevor Huddleston, CR standing up to the South African government over apartheid; and Archbishop Oscar Romero. Any other suggestions for Man and Woman of the Year are of course welcome!

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