Monday, December 08, 2003

What I’m watching
‘King of the Hill’
An unexpected explanation why churches shouldn't follow secular fashions in worship, etc.

This droll, less laugh-out-loud-funny creation of Mike Judge ('Beavis and Butt-Head') was surprisingly good last night: everyman hero Hank Hill tries to get endearingly confused son Bobby away from gangsta culture and back on the straight and narrow by enrolling him in a church youth group, who turn out to be charming, über-hip, tattoo'd and pierced skateboard 'dudes'. Hank the square's cast as the bigoted villain through most of the piece, but the ending made the whole show worthwhile:

Hank drags Bobby home from the 'Christian rock' concert (which are fine with me, just not in church) and shows him a box in the garage with assorted discarded fads: Bobby's dead tamigotchi electronic pet, a photo of the boy in a Ninja Turtles costume, etc.

Money quote: Son, five years from now I don't want to see you putting the Lord into this box.


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