Tuesday, December 02, 2003

What I’m watching
‘This Land Is Our Land’
A PBS pledge-drive warhorse: a music concert so good I watched it both times it was broadcast, a few days apart. Some of these people - the original Serendipity Singers and signature voices like Scott McKenzie and The Seekers' Judith Durham, for example - are amazingly good after 35-40 years!

As for the music:

Children always love folksongs, which are easy to remember, easy to sing and seem to be about things that matter... Folk music goes in and out of fashion; by the late 1980s it was in fashion once again, included in ‘roots’ music. When folk music is not in fashion, it is always there on obscure labels in specialist shops for those who want it, and those who do not want it are people who have no souls.

- Donald Clarke, The Rise and Fall of Popular Music

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