Friday, December 26, 2003

‘World Idol’
•The Belgian judge, Nina de Man, is hot.
•Simon Cowell still rules.
•The Polish judge was a buffoon.
•With a first name like 'Elias' the Arab judge is probably some kind of Catholic.
•The two non-U–accented young blokes (the two Geordies, Ant and Dec) presenting the programme were only half as annoying as Ryan Seacrest.
•Favourite all-round performer: the Dutch Afrikaner guy from South Africa, but based on pure singing talent the Norwegian Kurt Nilsen deserves to walk away with it (as Simon said), much like Ruben Studdard did in the States this year. Runners-up: the Canadian and the Flemish Belgian rocker covering Kurt Cobain. Good but not great: The Dutchman (who looked ethnic-Indonesian), the Arab woman singing traditional songs in Arabic and the glammed-up little girl from Poland. Kelly Clarkson: cute but feh. The British entry: Sorry, mediocre. Worst: the German, who is as handsome as the Afrikaner but sounds like karaoke night.

So who won thanks to the phone-in votes?

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