Friday, January 30, 2004

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal
In what little contact I've had with them I've found Swedes cold and unfriendly (went to one of their institutions for a Christmas party - an Abba tribute concert and shopping at Ikea would have been less böring) but had no idea things were this bad:

Bestiality becoming commoner in Sweden

Scarier still, the article says the prob exists in Britain! Like another symptom, homosexuality at boarding schools, and the 'hanging on in quiet desperation' mentioned in the comments box about irony and humour, perhaps this is another sign things have been 'off' there since the 'Reformation'.

What can one say? When you open Pandora's box and make excuses for one kind of unnatural act (I'm referring not to the law but bending moral theology like taffy and saying these acts are objectively good) then who can criticize any others? As dcs wrote in the comments box yesterday about Prof John Harris, at least he's consistent - if you're proabortion, why not have handicapped babies killed like the ancient Romans did?

I think there's a typo in the last sentence - I can't imagine any European country legalized homosexuality in 1944. It's probably really 1994.

Samer points out it may also be technically wrong to call animals 'individuals' (middle-class talk for 'people') as in traditional theology they haven't got immortal souls, which is why they don't need the sacraments.