Wednesday, January 14, 2004

From today and The New York Press
Memorial madness
by Matt Taibbi
Narcissism, bathos and bad taste.

But it should have been clear early on that nothing good was going to come out of the search for a [Sept. 11] memorial design. There were too many cooks involved. Firefighters wanted their own memorial, various politicians wanted their say and the victims’ families made it obvious they weren’t going to be satisfied with anything. All the petty ugliness that dwells within us was put on parade.

Reminds me of what Thomas Day wrote about the tatty National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, the worst of all worlds: new liturgics in a building tarted up with the schlock art of a million ethnic groups and devotional societies. In contrast to this in the same city are the two stately Russian Orthodox cathedrals, and though it feels more like a museum (used for civic functions) than a church ’cos it's run by Protestants, Day too notes the unified artistic vision, good taste and Catholic principles (by the way, the American architect was RC as were the Italian stonemasons who built it) behind the absolutely beautiful National Cathedral.

Очень прекрасная шлапка
It's wicked cold, part II: I have a hat like this (grey, actual Warsaw Pact army surplus) and it works wonderfully

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