Saturday, January 10, 2004

How I’ll probably vote this year
Forget the spring primaries, unless I can cast a token/conscience/honour vote for Pat Buchanan or Alan Keyes again. In November I'll do the equivalent of staying home, a kind of literal 'vote of no confidence', casting (flushing) my token ballot for a worthy like Harry Browne or whoever the Libertarian Party are running as in good conscience I can't vote for either of the two establishment candidates and basically... let Howard Dean win.

Basically it'd be Clinton redux - a proabortion snake (that a medical doctor, who by definition knows better, supports baby murder without apology is unconscionable) with wacko socialist economic ideas and probably really no more for peace than the openly lefty hawks were under Bubba (IIRC Mr Clinton bombed Iraq all eight years of his presidency), but yes, I'm cynical and trying to be pragmatic. I was better off financially under Clinton's watch despite his wrong ideas and problems and it seems Mr Dean would stop the war.

When even his fans in the Protestant religious right start asking questions about imaginary WMDs and their sons coming home in bags, Mr Bush's handlers will scare ’em (and his neocon RC fans) with 'Gay marriage! Ooga booga!' ’cos both the liberals and these folks automatically assume that's the government's business, so he'll keep at least some, perhaps most, of their votes.

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