Monday, January 19, 2004

Memorable quotation
From blogforlovers, though that blogger vehemently disagrees with it:

Like I said earlier: I now expect nothing from the institutional Church, from Rome down to the parish level. Not holiness, not fidelity to Catholic teaching, not common sense, not even Catholicism. If we get any of that, we're coming out ahead, but I don't expect it. I only want it to give me the sacraments and otherwise to leave me and my family the hell alone.

- Rod Dreher

The late Fr Malachi Martin (also a noted debunker of gay Tartuffery in the clergy long before the RC sex scandals in the States two years ago) said essentially the same thing - just stay close to Our Lord and His Mother.

Set your moral compass to the old books, join friends to pray the old prayers and go forth into the world (whilst not becoming of it), proceeding with caution but not without hope.

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