Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Starting with a link got via mass e-mail from blog reader Mike Russell
Taking apart a stopped clock
AFAIK the only Democratic US presidential candidate who's been consistent opposing the war in Iraq, to his credit, is Dennis Kucinich (he also opposed the so-called PATRIOT Act*) but he's a stopped clock - no reassuring fiscal-conservative noises unlike Mr Clinton (which seems to have got Mr K a share of the well-meaning but muddled 'liberal Christian' vote*), so IMO he's out as a pragmatic choice, and, FWIW in Realpolitik, a complete scoundrel on abortion.

*And makes sense on the Prohibition-like 'War on Drugs' and America's hypocritical marijuana laws (tobacco has no redeeming medicinal qualities and IIRC it's subsidized; alcohol, a morally neutral drug, kills more people).

**Chances are that, unlike their saintly foundress, these folks suck liturgically as well. Mainline Protestantism by non-Anglo-Saxons.

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