Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Two from The Atlantic, from friend of the blog Keble
Young fogeys
by Fr Andrew Greeley
Either he reads The Spectator or this blog! I've read two of his books, one serious (How to Save the Catholic Church) and one of his novels (The Cardinal Sins - half screed against the RC Church, half silly spy novel). Basically one of the ageing liberals now dying off - a secular trendoid from 30 years ago with a condescending, sentimental view of traditionalist trappings. Still, he's one of those stopped clocks, right some of the time. It's good to see that the young-fogey phenom has even made inroads in that most hostile environment to such, among American RCs. So much so that Fr G has to mention it! A nascent restoration movement is under way there.

Critique of Dr Laura Schlessinger
by Caitlyn Flanagan

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