Sunday, January 25, 2004

Who I’m listening to
Peter Ostroushko
And his tourmate, pianist Dan Chouinard

It's a great 'Odd Couple' kind of act - very different men, both very talented musicians. Mr C's a bit like Sean Hayes on 'Will and Grace' with cool recent-vintage Elvis Costello specs; he and Mr O onstage remind me of the old Warner Bros. cartoon with the big bulldog (Mr O is a fully grown ethnic Ukrainian) and the little dog jumping all around him. As for other stage banter, Mr O's sense of humour - dry, Minnesotan - seems like Garrison Keillor's (take that as you will). He's a master violinist (playing moving classical-like original tunes and covering his favourite Irish fiddler) and mandolin player. I think you can hear the Ukrainian sound more in his mandolin instrumentals than, interestingly enough, in the one song he sang in Ukrainian (I caught a few words of it), which (he admitted) sounds like an American square dance!

The venue: slum church
The audience: granola (you can suss the average age from that)
Ticket price: not bad when you consider this is world-class music

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