Sunday, February 22, 2004

From blog correspondent John Boyden
Archbishop admits: RC religion textbooks for young people deserve failing grade
JB: Very interesting story indeed, and kudos to Bp. Hughes, but it raises the question why this realization is occurring almost 40 years after the advent of questionable or outright heretical catechisms over most of N. America and Europe.

JB: Perhaps Bp. Hughes is newly consecrated/appointed and is rightly exercising his pastoral authority for the first time. I'm pleased he is encouraging his fellow bishops to review the religion texts in their respective dioceses; but that begs the question: who approved those questionable textbooks in the first place? Who gave them the necessary imprimatur and nihil obstat to be printed in the first place?

JB: Answer: the same bishops he is admonishing to be watchful.

Alexander Ferrari: Look for these other up-to-the-minute headlines, coming soon to CNN.

"Bishop declares to press: Kennedy's Dallas declaration 'incompatible with Catholic faith!'"

"Bishop concerned about lack of accuracy in the English-language Roman Missal"

"Bishop denounces invasion of Czechoslovakia."

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