Monday, February 23, 2004

From blog correspondent Lee Penn
Five on the predatory-gay-priest scandal (most of them are not pædophiles) in the RC Church and the coverup of same. Not an all-consuming interest on this blog*, but Lee's right.

If an American high school were run this way

Lee’s research ideas

Pederasty a ‘crime against customs’?! (here it says that again)

Vatican report said to question zero-tolerance on abuse
Lee Penn: Does this mean that, just as dogs get 'one free bite', so do the pædo-priests?

To be fair I think some of these are witch-hunts. A priest who is homosexual (orientation is a nonissue) and had one affair with a 17-year-old years ago isn’t pædo and I think can be handled at the discretion of his bishop. (In theory, anyway. The point here is these bishops mishandled these cases!) Kicking somebody out over such that can't be proved and allegedly happened decades ago seems dodgy and unfair to me.

Denial: playing victim?
Like the Israelis bantustan-izing the Palestinians and their supporters crying 'anti-Semite' if anybody dares question it.

Not from Lee and not from political 'conservatives' I agree with but on the same topic:

When relativism becomes theology

*Unlike some others, whose preoccupation with the topic sounds like so much gay Tartuffery (syrup with seething anger not far from the surface), still making excuses for oneself and wishing the church would get off one's and one's old colleagues' backs so they can keep exercising some assumed right to 'make love to young boys' and/or each other. Somehow I don't think that's what St Paul meant by 'greet one another with a holy kiss'.

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