Thursday, February 12, 2004

From blog correspondent Samer al-Batal
Monks’ performance disrupted by protesting Catholics
I saw something about this yesterday that said the Buddhist monks were going to give a lecture/presentation about religious persecution in their homeland (occupied by Communist China since 1950), surely an issue that traditionalists and others of good will can sign onto with the monks. Breaking up that kind of event would have been foolish and rude. But if it's true that, as claimed here, they were going to pray using Buddhist chants in a consecrated church, then the protesters were right and defending the church building from profanation was an act worthy of the early church's, 'Reformation'-era English and post-revolutionary Russian martyrs. (The Dalai Lama* and his brand of Buddhists are fine people but it doesn't belong there.)

Samer al-Batal: Got these from the Novus Ordo Watch website.

S al-B: The performance of chants within the sanctuary by Buddhist monks was scheduled in a Catholic basilica within the diocese of Grand Rapids. An SSPX priest and his congregation managed to stop the event by hijacking it at the right time.

S al-B: However, it doesn't make sense when it says that the SSPX parish broke away from the RCs in the ’60s.

S al-B: You can find a televised news report in RealPlayer video format here.

S al-B: Notice in the video how, as seems to be the trend nowadays, the priest of the RC parish making apologies is an old fart from the reformers' generation, while the protesting priest is much younger.

S al-B: For more detail, here's an eyewitness account.

*He's prolife.

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