Friday, February 13, 2004

From Christendom College
The true defender of freedom, personal and political
The Catholic faith, explains H.W. Crocker. Here are only a few highlights:

"Wherever one looks in the modern world, one finds massive confusion about the nature of freedom. For example, Catholics say you can smoke cigarettes, if you want to, that's your choice," began Crocker. "Secular liberals say, no, smoking is bad. On the other hand, secular liberals say, you can kill a baby if you want to, that's your choice, because that baby is dependent upon you; you have power over it so use it and kill that baby if it's inconvenient."

Catholics say that freedom begins with the right to life, and that freedom cannot be defined as the right to kill those who are dependent on us; freedom cannot be defined as the abolition of responsibility," he said. "Let's step back for a moment and distinguish two realms of freedom, because the Catholic Church is attacked on both – the personal and the political."

Crocker then talked of the fact that it is an often said, although incorrectly, that the Western world didn't taste of freedom until the Protestant revolt of Luther. In fact, said Crocker, the Reformation Protestant critique of Catholicism was that it was too free. Catholics were seen as "drunks, layabouts, and party animals," insistent on celebrating every possible saints day with booze and brawls. The Church was full of art and luxury and pagan-book-loving sensualists who forgave all rather than condemned all, Crocker said.

"On which side is freedom: celebrating life, the joys of creation, the nativity, or banning everything to abolish sin and improve economic productivity?" questioned Crocker.

Sì, a punto! One can say so much about all this. Crocker touches on classic WASP prejudice against southern (including, by extension, Latin America) and eastern European peoples, and one can connect the dots and see that today's politically correct killjoys are the direct descendents of the kind of Protestants who banned Christmas.

(Regrettably I've heard that the college that hosted Mr Crocker isn't immune to this kind of protestantization by way of Jansenism, with ridiculous rules banning couples from kissing or even holding hands in public. Sounds more like Bob Jones University than anything Catholic.)

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