Thursday, February 12, 2004

SSPX-affiliated priest expelled from Ukrainian Catholic Church
Like the Transalpine Redemptorists - also affiliated to the SSPX and working with Eastern Catholics - fascinating. It all seems to be well-meant reactionary stuff but thoroughly confused in practice. I've always defended the Oriental rites from encroachment by the Roman - they are traditional (sometimes but not always older than Roman Rite traditions), complete as is (entirely Catholic) and don't need any latinizations. (And never were supposed to have them - most of the time, the Eastern Catholics disobeyed that and latinized themselves - everything from sticking the filioque in the Creed to building churches without icon screens.) Funny how these SSPX-allied groups insist on Slavonic (which I like too - sounds closer to Russian than modern Ukrainian does), sharing both a mindset and a liturgical language with people they oppose (and it's mutual), the Russian Orthodox!

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