Saturday, February 21, 2004

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Mercenaries in Iraq
William Lind has an idea what they might mean and it might not be bad in the long run.

U.S. Army colonels now have mercs, not American soldiers, providing their security. "That’s very interesting," as John Boyd liked to say.

...while at the micro level an American Army colonel has a merc security detail, at the macro level mercenaries are filling the gap between American military forces engulfed in their own war and the security units of Iraq’s Vichy regime, most of which are less than keen to fight.

As expensive as mercenaries are – and the
Post article quotes a figure of $1,000 per day for skilled bodyguards – they are still cheaper than state military forces.

Most of the [state military] money goes for overhead: [including] contractor welfare in the form of multi-billion dollar programs...

Or the kind of welfare the ersatz American 'conservatives' like, and liked when Reagan was in office plunging the country deeper into debt.

The Maginot Line cost many times more than Guderian’s panzers. Think of what an organization like al Qaeda can do with a million dollars compared to what the same money means to the Pentagon.

The neocon war on peace and freedom

Why Howard Dean ‘had to be destroyed’

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