Friday, February 13, 2004

LRC picks
Why the ‘Christian right’ is wrong
Mostly about the Protestant religious right but the neocons play well-meaning RCs the same way using abortion and get the same Pavlovian reaction. Add synergy/crossover between the two and you get 'I'm voting for Bush no matter what' idiocy.

Here are just two of the highlights:

The Christian Right has routinely supported the Republican Party because of its avowed support of a pro-life agenda. How many dead babies does it take to get through to you folks? If the Republicans cared about that it would be done. It has not been done.


Christians have widely supported the war of aggression against Iraq, which was waged without a declaration of war, and was waged against a country that "might" be a threat to us at some time. Under that rubric we could justify invading Bolivia or Australia. Many Christians say this is fine since Sadaam Hussein is a wicked man and so what if it had nothing to do with national defense or those elusive WMDs.

Sadaam Hussein was and is answerable to God Almighty and the Iraqi people, but he is most definitely not answerable to the United States of America. Unless of course we were suddenly to admit our culpability in creating him and announce that we were shooting our own dog.

An air stewardess’s chilling blow-by-blow account via cell-phone of 9/11 (more)

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