Monday, February 23, 2004

Mourning sickness
Recreational grief as substitute religion
Many good points - Dianamania (Dianolatry)* came immediately to mind. As for antiwar activism, of course I see the point but will add in my defence I believe in what I post.

Describing extravagant public displays of grief for strangers as 'grief-lite' Mr West said these activities were, "undertaken as an enjoyable event, much like going to a football match or the last night of the proms".

"Mourning sickness is a religion for the lonely crowd that no longer subscribes to orthodox churches. Its flowers and teddies are its rites, its collective minutes' silences its liturgy and mass.

"But these new bonds are phoney, ephemeral and cynical," he said.

*Sir Elton John's (Sir Reg Dwight?) song, from his ’70s glory days (when Bernie Taupin wrote his stuff?), didn't belong in church and the lyric rewrite - 'your footsteps will always fall here along England's greenest hills' was nothing but goo. It would have been much cooler if Sir Elton simply had announced at a concert that year, 'I'm dedicating this to my friend, Princess Diana' and sung the real lyrics, which fit perfectly, perhaps too much for some people.

I had the pleasure of seeing the bespectacled one live that year and was relieved he chose not to play that one at all rather than do the bowdlerized version.

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