Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Mr Bush says he will back ‘gay marriage ban’ amendment
Not surprising at all: what it really means is 'Mr Bush's handlers will play the Protestant religious right again to get votes'.

First of all, the state already approves marriages not approved by the church, so so what? All or nothing: either theocracy or liberty.

Second, marriage doesn't need the state's protection, only freedom from its interference (like evil 'marriage taxes'). Ninety percent of all people are straight if one believes Dr Kinsey; the real number is far greater. What a microscopic part of the population does isn't going to ruin humanity and certainly doesn't threaten me, though it probably will ruin themselves and only becomes my business if/when it becomes a public health hazard (such as AIDS) - or as Mrs Patrick Campbell is said to have commented on the subject, if they do it in the road and upset the horses.

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