Saturday, February 28, 2004

Pseudo-Catholic, Protestant religious-right spam
Big Boost for Federal Marriage Amendment; Time for Action
Well-meaning RCs are letting themselves be played. Once again, what over 90% of people want to do doesn't need federal 'protection' and unlike these Irish-American folks I'm not threatened personally by what about 1-10% of people do. Are they sinning? Of course! But that - whether one may receive Communion - is not the government's business! (Again, the state already licenses things not considered marriages by the church.) One can argue they have a right to make fools of themselves by pretending to be married! (Hardly a defence of 'gay' marriage!) Here I see a mob from a certain social background getting together to push around a minority nonthreat simply for being different (yes, wrong, but a nonthreat to me). Count me out. (Then again, can one expect political sense from the people who trashed their own church 40 years ago and brought you charismatism and the 'guitar Mass'?)

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