Wednesday, February 11, 2004

This story's been circulating through the Internet:

Church of England tries to emasculate the Three Wise Men
Not surprising at all - why wouldn't people who deny the divinity of Christ or even a personal God bowdlerize a liturgical reference to these biblical figures? (The names Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar are from tradition and an apocryphal gospel, as are the names of Jesus' grandparents, Joachim and Ann.)

The revision committee said: "While it seems very unlikely that these Persian court officials were female, the possibility that one or more of the Magi were female cannot be excluded completely."

So the Modernists, who reject the virgin birth and resurrection of Jesus despite the plain words of scripture, expect Joe Bloggs in the pew to buy this codswollop on even thinner conjecture? Arrogant.

There is no theological dispute about the gifts they brought -- gold, frankincense and myrrh -- but the prayer has been changed to use the word Magi on the grounds that "the visitors were not necessarily wise and not necessarily men."

I expect to hear Mike Myers in character as Linda Richman say 'Discuss!'

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