Saturday, March 27, 2004

Arizona bishop sentenced to probation for running down and killing man with his car
"It should not matter if you wear a blue collar, wear a white collar or wear the collar of a Roman Catholic priest," he (County Attorney Rick Romley) said (criticizing the light sentence). "All should be treated equally under the law for similar conduct. Unfortunately, today that principal (sic) has been violated."

Sì, a punto. It's what should have been done with the predatory gay-priest scandal, with the cooperation of the church authorities. Speaking of which:

The accident (was) two weeks after he (the convicted bishop) signed an immunity deal with prosecutors in which he admitted concealing child abuse allegations against diocesan priests and agreed to a laundry list of changes to the diocese. In return, he was granted immunity from prosecution.

Seems like poetic justice. Makes poor Jim Reed seem almost Christlike, dying for this man's sins.

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