Monday, March 29, 2004

Fr Anthony Chadwick has e-mailed me to tell me that, regrettably, his fine page showing the texts of various Western rites such as the Ambrosian (Milanese), Mozarabic and of course the (traditional) Roman, has been taken down. I had it linked on my faith page. It seems he has broken this up into separate pages and so I have updated my links accordingly, as well as adding these:

The Mass of the Western Rites
by Dom Fernand Cabrol

The arrangements of Western medieval and Byzantine churches compared
by Christopher Rakowski
Sometime online acquaintance Stuart Koehl once explained to me that part of the reason for this obvious affinity is that after the decline of the Roman Rite in the Dark Ages it was reformed in the 1000s by borrowing much from the Gallican Rite, a non-Roman but Latin rite in France, that had got much from the Eastern rites including perhaps the Byzantine Rite. This Gallican-Roman hybrid then became the mediæval and monastic uses of the Roman Rite and of course the Roman Mass as handed down today*.

*A page from a vagante site not approved by this blog but good as it uses a fine English translation.

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