Sunday, March 07, 2004

A cloud of witnesses today, 7th March
This says it all: despite their supporters being bitter opponents in the 1300s, making the mistake of thinking their different approaches to the Catholic faith amounted to two different faiths, in various places respectively the Catholic Church commemorates both 'the Angelic Doctor' who 'baptized Aristotle' to explain the faith, the Dominican St Thomas Aquinas, and St Gregory Palamas (commemorated in the Byzantine Rite on the second Sunday of Great Lent), the Greek Orthodox bishop of Thessalonica who explained the mysticism of hesychasm and the prayer of the heart. 'The walls of the schism don't reach to heaven.'

A third commemoration from Russian Catholic blog correspondent Dave McLaughlin (though I think his proper feast day is in the summer):

Icon of Leonty (in the world Leonid Feodorov)
Internally exiled by the Soviet Union, he died alone in Viatka in the 1930s.

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