Saturday, March 06, 2004

From blogforlovers
Church of England creates ‘virtual parish’
The i-church is a cute gimmick (as long as it isn't the 'I- Church', the church of me, myself and I) and there is a place for this as part of the church's outreach but of course it isn't literally a parish church as there is no such thing as virtual sacraments (though I'm sure some vagante and other fringe groups have tried that). The bishop of Oxford, Richard Harries (met him once when I happened to live in his diocese), is no Catholic but that doesn't ipso facto make the idea bad if rightly understood and used. Such a site or e-mail list - and better still, with a priest available 24/7 for its members - is as legit as the Online Chapel among this blog's links (pop in to pray for peace).

There are different levels of involvement in the church, some better than others, of course, and this may be just the thing for people who don't think they're ready to visit an actual church yet.

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